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JBAFP 2020, 2(2), 13; doi: 10.35995/jbafp2020013

Future Banking Scenarios. Evolution of Digitalisation in Spanish Banking

Received: 27 Aug 2019 / Accepted: 15 Feb 2020 / Published: 19 Feb 2020
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The banking sector has begun a process of digital transformation that is changing the way financial products and services are sold. This transformation is a consequence of the growing demand for digital channels by some sectors of the population, the progress of new technologies and the banks’ need to improve efficiency after the economic crisis. The emergence of innovative financial technology (fintech) startups in the banking sector has been the lever initiating this digital transformation. Technology companies are challenging established banking business models and promoting the democratisation of finance in a more efficient and transparent financial ecosystem. Increasing investment in these technology companies has also attracted the interest of various regulators, and the future suggests a scenario of collaboration between these new players and traditional companies, with a consequently difficult task for the regulators of guaranteeing the same conditions of competition for new entrants and incumbents. However, technology companies with vast experience in the gathering and use of data from millions of users (such as Amazon, Google or Facebook) are considered a threat. Moreover, some types of evolving fintechs, such as neobanks with bank licences, may also become competitors. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) or blockchain, a fintech technology that is evolving constantly, has already awoken the interest of all financial sector participants because it could trigger real disruption and produce a new era of value.
Keywords: digital banking; fintech; regtech; distributed ledger technology (DLT); blockchain; neobanks; payment services directive (PSD2)
This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. (CC BY 4.0).
Valero, S.; Climent, F.; Esteban, R. Future Banking Scenarios. Evolution of Digitalisation in Spanish Banking. JBAFP 2020, 2, 13.
Valero S, Climent F, Esteban R. Future Banking Scenarios. Evolution of Digitalisation in Spanish Banking. Journal of Business Accounting and Finance Perspectives. 2020; 2(2):13.
Valero, Silvia; Climent, Francisco; Esteban, Rafael. 2020. "Future Banking Scenarios. Evolution of Digitalisation in Spanish Banking." JBAFP 2, no. 2: 13.
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